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Chart Templates

Charts are an inherently versatile format, but because they're so visual people often assume you need to be a graphic designer to pull things off in just the right way. That may have been true in the past but it isn't any longer--these chart templates are the perfect opportunity to get things started in exactly the way that you need.

Chart Templates

Gauge Charts See All

Average Car Speed Gauge Chart

Detail the average speed of cars on the highway with this attractive gauge chart template.

Total Sales Gauge Chart

Detail your company's sales with this eye-catching gauge chart template.

Net Promoter Score - Gauge Chart

Showcase your brand's net promoter score with this professional gauge chart template.

Area Charts See All

Source of New Contacts Area Chart

Highlight where your new leads are coming from with this stunning area chart template.

Global iPhone Sales Area Chart

Display the growth of global iPhone sales through the years with this area chart template.

Funnel Charts See All

Simple Funnel Chart

Use this simple funnel chart template to break down information related to your website leads.

Modern Funnel Chart

Show where your website leads are coming from using this modern funnel chart template.

Sales Pipeline Funnel Chart

Show the breakdown of your sales figures with this funnel chart template.

Mekko Charts See All

Regional Car Sales in 2025 Mekko Chart

Compare the number of sales of famous car companies with this mekko chart template.

Percentage of Food Wasted Mekko Chart

Showcase the countries with the highest percentage of food wastage using this mekko chart template.

Total App Downloads Mekko Chart

Show apps with the highest number of downloads using this mekko chart template.

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