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beat365 Beautiful Interactive Training & Development Materials With 在线登录

Save time with 在线登录’s easy-to-use content creation platform that helps you produce effective training materials without an extensive design skillset or a collection of tools to complete your learning materials.

beat365 with Sales
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  • Quickly create interactive training materials with professional designed templates
  • Add audio, voice overs, visuals and animations to keep your readers attention
  • Design more branded training content effortlessly without coding
  • Communicate directly in projects in real-time to easily keep your staff informed on changes
  • Easily collaborate with SMEs through commenting and markup editing – even include them right in the platform to streamline the creation process because 在线登录 is easy for everyone
  • Download to SCORM or HTML5 for Learning Management System (LMS) courses

An All-In One Tool for Faster Creation & Engaging Trainings

Online Orientations and Live Training

Welcome new employees with open arms, even on remote teams, by creating engaging live trainings, orientation videos or presentations to encourage smooth transitions.

Training Manuals

Choose from a wide range of customizable documents, video presentations or infographic formats, all created with your training needs in mind. So you can have your training materials ready for whatever task may come your way.

Employee Handbook

beat365 a design-forward, fully branded handbook to communicate all kinds of essential information, like employee benefits, diversity and inclusion training, company wide policies and statements and more.

beat365 with Sales beat365 with Sales
Simplified Training and Development Content Creation

Simple. Versatile. Powerful. Scalable.


Foster employee relationships by creating easy-to-understand training materials that look amazing

  • Take advantage of more than 50 charts, graphs, data widgets and powerful maps.
  • Tables, diagrams and flowcharts to showcase various processes and workflows.
  • Add any of 在线登录’s provided videos, photos, icons, illustrations, shapes, fonts and more to bring the information to life and support learner retention.


Keep employees focused and engaged with interactive features and designs

  • Insert interactive pop-ups, hover effects, animated icons and links to draw in your trainee.
  • Add your own audio and video for a totally independent training experience.
  • Gain access to thousands of royalty-free audio tracks and HD quality stock videos at your fingertips.


More control over your content and projects

  • Organize and store templates, files and folders in one online space for your team.
  • Integrate key data and apps into your content seamlessly without switching tabs or tools.
  • Collaborate with SMEs and gain feedback on projects all in one place.
  • Simultaneously update visuals and content in projects to keep things up to date.


Collaborate with your team from start to finish

  • Allow your team and SMEs to comment, collaborate and move from draft to final format in no time.
  • Bring your collaborators into 在线登录 with you – it’s easy to use (unlike some of the other training authoring tools) so anyone can work towards the content to help it get completed more quickly.
  • Choose from different annotation styles and colors to help your comments stand out.
  • Your content stays private until you are ready to share or download them as you see fit.

How an Instructional Technologist Uses 在线登录 to beat365 Interactive Course Content

James Brack, instructional technologist, used 在线登录 to help him to work with subject experts and instructional designers to ensure that the content is accurate, engaging and follows essential accessibility guidelines for each course they create.

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Browse our Templates

With 在线登录, you’ll never have to google for a free learning template you can use to jumpstart your design again. Our easy-to-use, fully customizable templates give you a quick and easy starting point to create all of your onboarding and training materials. beat365 visual content you can easily share with your employees and customers. Our template library includes a variety of presentations, infographics, documents, explainer videos, graphics for your training lesson thumbnails, and more.

Share your Training Materials

Export for LMS

Download your training courses and lessons as SCORM or xAPI so you can upload them within your LMS, allowing you to assign, track and empower your learners with an amazingly interactive and visual learning experience.

Share and Control Access

Share your training manuals via online link or embed them to your intranet or other internal sites, and decide who gets to access them with. Plus with 在线登录, you can view analytics on your training materials right in your dashboard to track its progress.


Download your training materials to share over email or to place in a Drive or Dropbox folder. Download options include JPEG, PNG, PDF, PowerPoint, HTML5 and video.

Get started with 在线登录 and create your materials

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