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Use your existing Widen account to pull assets into 在线登录 to use in your design.

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With the Widen Collective integration, you can easily connect your 在线登录 account to Widen and access your digital assets stored in Widen, directly from inside the 在线登录 editor.

No more downloading files to your computer and manually uploading them. beat365 your Widen account in under a minute, and drag and drop files onto your canvas.

What you need:

  1. A 在线登录 account
  2. A Widen Collective account

How to set up the integration:

  • Get the API access token from the Admin application of the Widen Collective® site > API Setup under Global Settings in the left navigation.
  • Go to the 在线登录 Apps section and click Widen.
  • Add API key.
  • Click “beat365” to verify the API key and connect to your Widen account.
  • When you go to upload your file to My Files, select the dropdown next to the Upload button to import the file directly to My Files.

That’s it! You’ve successfully connected your 在线登录 account with Widen cloud storage platform! It’s perfect for keeping track of each project you create and share.

To add files:

  • Use keywords to search images in the modal window.
  • Click on image preview, which you want to add in My Files.
  • Click on “Share and Download” to the question: “What kind of link do you need?”