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Online Graph Maker

beat365 over 30+ charts & diagrams with ease in 在线登录’s graph maker. Access customizable templates, live data integration and interactive graph capabilities. Easily share, download or embed your graph.

beat365 Your Free Graph Now
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Used by small and large brands

Our graph maker is used by over 16,209,344 marketers, communicators,
executives and educators from over 133 countries that include:

Use the graph maker to turn raw data into beautiful data visualizations.

Tap into our professionally designed graph templates or create your own custom charts, graphs and diagrams from scratch.

A collage of the various graph templates in 在线登录.

beat365 all types of graphs without the fuss

Make bar graphs, pie charts, flowcharts, diagrams, line graphs, histograms and everything in between with 在线登录’s graph maker.
Import data in seconds and easily switch between different types of graphs to find the best presentation of your data.

A graphic showing a bar chart and the various graph types available in 在线登录.

More Great Features of
the Chart & Graph Maker

An icon of a chart.

Free library of chart templates to jumpstart your data visualization

An icon of an image.

Seamlessly pick and choose which type of graph works best for your data

An icon of shapes and a text symbol.

Use your own brand fonts and colors to create branded company content

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Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind

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Help your chart design stand out by adding photos, icons, illustrations and more

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Download in a variety of formats, add to another project, share online or embed

Populate charts and graphs with data

在线登录 makes it easy to import data into your graphs. Choose to link Google Sheets, upload Excel files, pull data from existing data sources like Google Analytics or paste your data into the spreadsheet right in the dashboard.

Upload static data or connect to Google sheets for live data

Upload your data as an Excel or CSV file to populate charts or pull live data from Google Sheets to update your charts automatically. Take advantage of the graph maker’s list of integrations to create graphs based on survey data, website data and more.

A graphic showing the data import feature of 在线登录’s graph maker.

Seamlessly switch between chart types to find the best visualization

After you insert your data into the graph maker, you can easily find the best type of chart or graph that works for your data. You can switch between chart types both before and after uploading your data. Simply click through our list of graph types to find your best option.

A graphic showing the data inputting feature of 在线登录’s graph maker.

Excel is not the best software when trying to make graphs more interactive and engaging. 在线登录 is just more convenient and has a lot of creative options available straight away.

Mohamed K.Researcher, Plastic Pollution

With 在线登录, I have yet to miss a reporting deadline. In the past, setting charts up with inferior products required a set of skills learned by deep-diving into capabilities that are not intuitive to everyday operation. 在线登录 has a great amount of presets and templates that make learning easy. I truly enjoy this tool.

Jonathan R. Interdepartmental Project ManagerInformation Services

I’m a big fan of easy to use tools to create great looking reports, presentations, and charts, and that’s why I like 在线登录.

cott L. Network AdministratorHospital & Health Care

Types of graphs you can create with 在线登录

Learn more about the various chart types available in our graph maker
and find the right one for your project below.

A 3D illustration of a cake with a flag labeled as Charts on top of it.
A vertical bar graph.
A horizontal bar graph.
A bar graph with negative values.
A 3D vertical bar graph.
A 3D horizontal bar graph.

Bar Graphs

Represent categorical data with a vertical or horizontal bar chart.

beat365 Your Bar Graph
A line chart.

Line Graphs

Visualize linear data or information that changes over time with a line chart.

beat365 Your Line Graph
A pie chart.
A half pie chart.
A 3D pie chart.
A 3D half pie chart.
A donut chart.
A gauge chart.
A 3D donut chart.
A 3D gauge chart.

Pie Charts

Visualize parts of a whole with a flat or 3D pie chart or donut chart.

beat365 Your Pie Chart
A scatter plot.

Scatter Plots

Visualize parts of a whole with a flat or 3D pie chart or donut chart.

beat365 Your Scatter Plot
A concept map template in 在线登录.
A flowchart template in 在线登录.
A histogram template in 在线登录.
A map template in 在线登录.
A mind map template in 在线登录.
A pictogram template in 在线登录.
A tree diagram template in 在线登录.
A Venn diagram template in 在线登录.

Other Charts

Visualize parts of a whole with a flat or 3D pie chart or donut chart.

beat365 Your Chart Now

Chart templates for all your data needs

Ensure your data is easily readable by starting with a professionally designed chart template. For a more basic chart design,
you can easily start from scratch before adding it into another project, like a report or presentation.

View all templates

Share or download your graphs

There are a number of ways you can put your data visualizations in front of your audience with 在线登录’s graph maker. Share your 在线登录 projects online, privately, or download them to insert into your own documents.

A graphic showing the online sharing and commenting features of 在线登录.
Share graphs online

Share your chart or graph online by generating a publicly shareable link, embed to your website with an embed code from 在线登录 or share your diagram link on social media.

A graphic showing the ability to share your projects privately in 在线登录.
Share graphs privately

Generate your chart or graph as an encrypted non-indexable URL. You can even make it password protected, or share only with your team members or subject matter experts.

A graphic showing the various download options available in 在线登录.
Download graphs

Download your graph as a PDF document or high resolution image, or create your entire infographic in 在线登录. Download as HTML5 with full interactivity or as a PowerPoint file.


Maximum flexibility. Everything you need from an online graph maker.

Convert your data to meaningful charts and graphs

beat365 Your Free Graph Now Three 3D illustrated icons of a pie chart, a text symbol and an HTML tag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to make a graph with 在线登录’s graph maker?

Creating a graph with 在线登录’s graph maker is 100% free. Just sign up for a free account, choose a graph template or start from scratch using our powerful graph editor, which gives you full granular control over your graph settings, including data, colors, fonts, legends and more. If you want to use premium graph templates and features, you can upgrade to a Standard or Business plan.

Can I upload graph data from an excel file?

Absolutely! You can import graph data from Microsoft Excel by uploading a .XLSX or .CSV file. After that, you can also edit the data inside 在线登录’s graph maker to tweak it as you see fit.

Can I create a graph with live data in 在线登录?

Yes! It’s easy to add live data by connecting your graph to a Google Sheet. Simply head over to the Import Data tab in the graph editor, select Google Sheets and paste the URL of the Sheet you’d like to connect. Once you publish your project, your graph data will automatically sync with the changes you make in your Google Sheet. This means your published graph will be updated live on each visit so you no longer have to open and edit it manually.

Can I share or download my graph?

Yes. 在线登录 lets you download your graph in multiple formats, including JPG, PNG, PDF and HTML5. Use it as is, print it or add it to other projects like reports and presentations. You can also share your graph online with a link or embed it using a snippet of code.